Sage Lake Area Links: 

Our Community Links page: Offers info for vendors we have personally used ourselves here at Kenyon's and we can verify the quality of services are impeccable: We do have more business's to add to this page and I will be updating this page regularly…

Neighborhood Community Links… Did you Know?  Right here…

TheHall.Net   Is where you can find Historical Listings...

Kenyon’s can be a great place to get away and take the family away for a great Mini Weekend Retreat?  Our beach bar and grill, has Live Entertainment on Saturday afternoons outside weather permitting, even Hotel Accommodations for you and your family.  We offer a large schedule of summertime events.  Family fun entertainment of all types…  We rent Watercraft's and sell boat gas, this is 784 acre all sports lake,  There are so many things to do, bring the family and enjoy!  Located on Sage Lake...

American Pleasure Products, Inc... Just a Lake away…  If you are looking for a quality pontoon paddle boat for either personal or rental use, you need look no farther! The Quality of the “Aqua Cycle Pontoon Paddle Boat” is superior to anything out there! This is the paddle boat we have at Kenyon’s and it rides so smoothly even across rough water on windy days.   Trust me, we would know!  Our customers love it and although we have never had any type of problems with it we know the customer service provided by American Pleasure Products is Excellent!!!   You can even get one that has a solar powered motor!  Here’s where you can find one!  Located at: 2823 E. Industrial Dr.  Rose City MI 48654   Ph. 989-685-2697   

Check out their web site at:    Info@AquaCycleUSA.com   http://www.aquacycleusa.com

Barry Stutesman  RFD TV / Northstar Studios, Have you seen the weekly Mid Michigan Magazine broadcast? Well if not your missing out on something so excellent.  Barry does stories on so many great places and supplies up to date info on things happening in our neighborhoods.  He has a great collection of video's to choose from. Follow the links and you will find stories on Kenyon's that he has done… He even has a new upcoming video of an old employee that worked here in 1945, telling of how things were here back then… Very interesting viewing!

Check out their web site at:    http://michiganmagazine.blogspot.com

Big Mikes Canoe Rental, is Just down the Road… You can Canoe and or Kayak from right here on Sage’s 784 Acre Lake. Or-if you are interested in Canoeing down the river, then Mike’s Canoe Rental will pick you up right here at Kenyon’s and bring you back when you’re done.  He offer’s several day trips to choose from and so much more... He also offers overnight rentals to Kenyon’s Guests for private use here on Sage lake, they provide drop off and pick up services!  We always use Big Mikes for all our Employee Party fun days, everyone always has a great time and look forward to every time!  Thanks Mike for always taking such good care of us!

Check out this link for more information:   Big Mike's Canoe Rentals

Cakes by Kelly…  All homemade with that personal touch! All our cakes served at Kenyon's are made by Kelly.  As you all know she does delicious tasting designer cakes… Everything from birthday cakes to Wedding cakes, themed cakes and all kinds of special occasion cakes. Trust me, I order so many custom made cakes from Kelly even her husband had to help start delivering them… Obviously, Delivery is  available… Your doing great work Kelly, I very much appreciate it! 

Call cakes by Kelly at: 989-390-4755

Camp Timbers,  Not to far away... lol… What about Sending your kids Camping at Camp Timbers for the weekend or week, while you and your spouse come relax at Kenyon’s and Enjoy the fact that the kids are having an experience of their life times with other kids the same ages, boating- Camping- swimming- sitting around campfires- telling stories- riding horses- etc. you get the picture... This is where all our kids go including the neighborhood kids too, they always have a great time and are always begging to go again!  Thanks Camp timbers for always showing the kids a great time!

Check out this link for more information:  www.camptimbers.org

Crusins Convenience Store, is Just past the Lake…  Crusins Convenience Store has hand scooped Ice cream cones for those hot days and a little 9 hole miniature golf area for your enjoyment as well as  other convenience needs within the store...       989-473-9256

Dharma RecordsFor all your Musical needs…  They sell everything from Musical Equipment to Music Lessons.  They offer a great selection of instruments to choose from, ranging from Wind- String- Brass and Percussion instruments.  Need a Lesson?  Lessons include Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Harmonica. Did I mention Their recording studio?  You can even schedule a recording session for any and all of your recording needs.  Grayling Mi.  989-344-1228                                                      

www.dharmarecords.com   also:   www.cdbaby.com/jakeallen

E & D Excavating Servicesis at your service when needed…  Did you realize that E & D did all of Kenyon’s excavating needs, and if they could fix this place, they can fix anything!  We appreciate all your skills and expertise, You saved our building from Constant flooding and terminated our foundation issues, thank you! We appreciate you and your entire team!   Contact Dale Schlichter…  Free estimates, fully insured. Phone 989-345-1206 Fax 989-345-6999                                               

Link to:  E & D Excavating-for all your excavating needs, RC/WB area

Fab Shop of Rose City... Just down the road…  Thanks to the Fab Shop for all their hard work in constructing The much needed support beams required to keep Kenyon’s upright and tight for many more years to come and the work on so many other projects big and small that were done here as well.  Your team work and professionalism combined with the knowledge to make it all happen is so appreciated! Thanks for the great work!   

Located at: 2271 N S M 33, Rose City, MI 48654,  Phone: 989-685-3255

Green Briar Golf Course, is Right around the corner… You can get together with your friends and be accommodated at Kenyon’s, go to Green Briar Golf Course and play 18 holes of Golf?  Since they are so close to us, you will be able to scoot back and forth quite quickly.  Special rates apply to Overnight Hotel Guests from Kenyon’s…  

Check out this link for more information:   Green Briar Golf Course -  

Heritage Trophy Hunts, is Just across the Street… While Hunting at Heritage Trophy Hunts, You don’t have to travel far to enjoy pursuing trophy Elk, Black Russian Boar, or Whitetail Deer. They have it all right here in Lupton Michigan at Heritage Trophy Hunts. Surrounded by Beautiful Country settings and the peace and quiet of nature...  This is where you’ll find that Trophy you’ve been looking for. Michigan at Heritage Trophy Hunts.  Ps...  Thank for trusting us to take good care of your guests here at Kenyon’s guests Bob!   

Check out this link for more information:    Heritage Trophy Hunts -                               

Lovewells Corner Store  Two Corners up the road… (New Owners) Is where you will find this “Generational Store...”  Lovewells has a variety of things to offer for your convenience. They have Milk- Beer- Wine- Liquor- Lottery- Ciggs and Wax Worms and Toilet Paper, etc. but not necessarily in that order, smile... 

Located:  On the Corner of Wiltse Rd. and Sage Lk. Rd.  989-473-2472

L & J Tree Service  A Local Tree Trimming & Removal, Brush Chipping, Full service Company, Specializing in complicated trimming. Licensed and Insured.  You may have seen them around the lake, cleaning up after those ash tree beetles.  They come highly recommended and Im using them here at Kenyon’s too… 

For more information, call (614) 800-9209 or (614) 800-9133  Email; bucknbrenda@yahoo.com

Memra Productions, Jeremy Lane…  No matter what you desire to place in a video, whether it be a Wedding, Special event, Presentations or documentaries, everything has a story to be told.  At Memra Productions they personally work with each client to make sure that story is told… You may have seen some of his video's of Kenyon's Tours and the Cowboy Shootout's we do here.  He has also done the Michigan Cowboy Festival for the past 6 years!  Some of his work has been featured on Mid Michigan Magazine!  Jeremy takes pride in his work and goes all out to make sure his customers are satisfied with the results, what more could you ask for!  Jeremy from Memra Productions is also the Videographer / Photographer for all of Kenyon's Events…  Always early, never late!  Thanks Jeremy for always doing such a great job!  For more Information contact: Phone: 1-248-417-0030 Email: memraproduction@gmail.com or visit the website:  http://memraproductions.com

Michigan Magazine... RFD TV / Northstar Studios,  Did you know if you go to their website you can search for videos of Kenyon's on his site.  They have footage of Personal Tours through the building, BBQ Events, Cowboy Lookalike Shoot Out's, Restoration Pics of Kenyon Properties, Interviews with Employees from 1945 and so much more!  For those of you looking for more information try the link posted below… There's lots to see and explore!  

Check out the website at:     http://michiganmagazine.blogspot.com     www.michiganmagazine.com

Michigan's Wine and Hop's Trails…   Sunrise Side Wine & Hops Trail, Located in NE Michigan.  The "Trail" is rapidly becoming  known as the friendliest wine tasting sites in Mich.  Attracting thousands of visitors, the Trail boasts six wineries and three microbreweries.  Visitors will discover an array of attractions along the way, ranging from Casino's, to Elk viewing carriage rides including Tours of Historical Buildings and Nation Landmarks, along with many choice places to Dine and Lodge.  Check out the Wine and Hops trail by clicking on the link provided…  Modern Craft Winery.     www.sunrisesidewineandhopstrail.com

Mind Magik Tattoo and Art Gallery…  Considering getting a Tattoo? How about a Piercing, perhaps you just want a great place to find some excellent Artwork!  Let me tell you, I went to see my niece Pookie aka: Kathleen during rifle season, I just wanted to stop by and see what she was up to.  Imagine my excitement, to be able to catch her doing a tattoo.  I was absolutely amazed with the quality of work she does!  Obviously so was the gentleman because this was not his first tattoo from her!  We were all impressed, she made that Lion look so real and life like, it was truly amazing!  She is truly amazing!  If you are looking for a quality tattoo, look no more, It's right here at Mind Magik Tattoo and Art Gallery!

Located on M-65 in downtown Hale Mi, next to the Hale Hardware Store… Call 989-728-4278 for an apt. "walk-ins welcome" Check out this link for more information:  mindmagik.wetpaint.com

Primary Electric / 60 Lakes Electric Here's an electrifying story for ya! Uncle Dick May, (owner of 60 lakes electric) and Auntie RoseMary May, have always been good friends of mine.  We go back many years.                                                             When I decided to buy kenyon's I first called up Uncle Dick and Uncle Jim (retired plumber) and had them both meet me at kenyon's to go through the entire building and give me their thoughts and input!

He always said, Only you Barb, Only you, Would... take on this big of a project, referring to Kenyon's Restoration. (smile) I know he meant that with love!  Although his health was already failing, there was no way he was going to let anyone touch this project that wasn't totally qualified.  He did alot of the work himself and oversaw the work of anyone that worked for him! It's all about the safety!  

Another thing he always said was, we can't let anything happen to Kenyon's!  We've got to keep her safe and up and running!

And let it be noted:  Kenyon's would not be here today if Uncle Dick wouldn't have gone through the wiring so carefully. We were all surprised that it didn't catch fire long ago… Unfortunately, the day came upon us when another electrician was going to need to be involved to carry on Uncle Dicks project list at Kenyon's.  They would have to be qualified and willing to undertake the job as sincerely as he did!

Then came along Bruce (Owner of Primary Electric) a well established electrician, he was recommended to us from a confidential source and we all valued his opinion!  Let me tell you, he was the light at the end of a tunnel for us.  

He and Uncle Dick grew close and Bruce ended up taking on many projects for Uncle Dick in addition to the Kenyon's project. Uncle Dick stated many times that Bruce was heaven sent!  He admired the knowledge and the quality craftsmanship that Bruce displayed in all of his work. This meant alot to Uncle Dick, he felt confidence in all of Bruce's work.  Since then, Uncle Dick has passed on but I am comforted with the thought that he will always be a part of this ol' building and we know he left us in good hands with Bruce! He will be missed…  Thanks Bruce for taking on Kenyon's and helping us to preserve it's being!  We appreciate the fact that you care!

Need I say More!  "Primary Electric"  989-942-6450    www.primaryelectricmi.com

Public Access Boat Launch... On the opposite side of the lake…  You can bring your own boat or pontoon etc. and launch it at the Public Access Launch and ride around our 784 acre lake and enjoy.  After launching find your way across the lake to the other side for refreshments at Kenyon’s.  Dock your boat, Fill up with gas at our Boat Marina and grab a bite to eat… 

R & J Screen Printing & Embroidery Inc…  Please take the time to see the things they can make here!  This is a one stop shop!  Everything from custom embroidery to screen printing… There's a new sign at Kenyon's, made by R & J Screen Printing hanging outside by the marina, facing the building!  It's our new and very impressive Kenyon's sign…  We just installed it last summer and have had alot of compliments on it!  I am very pleased with the quality and artwork.  R & J really stepped up to the occasion for me on that one. There's always more to every story, around here, but i'll keep this one short, summary, they Rock!  If you have any printing needs, this is the place, Fast- reliable & reasonable rates.   Ask for Robin or Linda, tell them Barb sent ya, but don't forget to say hello for me!      (Established Since 1989 but they really don't look that old…  smile) Located at 266 S. M-33 West Branch Mi. 48661 Ph: 989-345-8614 or 800-968-1918  Fax: 989-345-8639 

Web Directions:   www.randjscreenprinting.com

Ron’s Pure Maple Syrup,  Just 10 minutes away…  Right here in Ogemaw County, On the Reetz Family Farmland, they have been producing Pure Maple Syrup Since 1880,  Every year, the majestic stands of sugar maple are tapped to produce sap by the tens of thousands of gallons. By mixing age-old tradition with modern technology, Ron's Pure Maple Syrup crafts the delectable maple syrup, sugar, and other tasty products that countless folks yearn for come breakfast time. Ron’s Pure maple Syrup is the Only Syrup we use here at Kenyon’s, Thanks Guys!  492 W. Houghton Creek Rd. Rose City Mi. 48654  (989)- 685- 2807    

For more information:  ronspuremaplesyrup.com

Rose City Greenhouse  A plant-ed bit of info:  Did you know Diane from the Rose City greenhouse does all our flower arrangements here at Kenyon's!  She does all our Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, & Special Occasions… She also sells fresh vegetables when in season also.  This summer we kept her busy with all kinds of strange and unusual requests every thing from funeral flowers to wedding bouquets, She offers delivery and set up too. Call Diane for all your floral needs!

Located On M-33 in Rose City Mich. 48635 Ph: (989)-685-2108

Royal Carriage Company... Just a Horse Ride away… Established in 1982, located in Hale MI, Serving Iosco, Ogemaw and surrounding Counties.  You can reserve a Horse Drawn Carriage or Wagon that can carry any where from 2 to 20 people, depends on what you’re looking for!  They have Unique Carriages available for Weddings and Special Occasion...  They also specialize in  creating the illusion of another Era, ranging from days gone past to any thing into the future...   Speaking of the Past, Back in the day, Kenyon’s used to offer horse back riding and wagon rides to the customers and Now we will again!  Thanks to Royal carriage Co. we will be able to offer Horse drawn wagon  rides at Kenyon’s on specifically scheduled days, (check the schedule page for more details) This will be available to everyone of all ages, combined with a package meal deal and or a discount coupon for use at Kenyon’s...  Welcome aboard  Lou,  we are looking forward to a fun filled summer, thank you for helping us to recreate the old days and joining the Kenyon’s Team!  For more information  call 989-728-9038 today and ask for Lou, or…              

Visit their website at:  www.royalcarriageco.com

Rose Valley Winery...   Just inside the city limits of Rose City...  You will find the Rose Valley Winery.  Owners Adam and Nancy Kolodziejski offer  several red and white varieties of wine, all made right on site, and available for free tasting.  Check out their full service tasting room, complete with many gift ideas including original artwork and photography.  Hours of operation Fri. & Sat. 11-5pm. Sunday-12-4 pm & Mon. 11-5 pm.  Closed Tue thru Thurs.  Located at 3039 Beechwood Road Rose City Mi 48654   Phone: 989-685-9399 

Check out this cute website designed by their son! www.rosevalleywinery.net  

Sage Lake Association, For This Lake…  Did you know we have our own Lake Association?   It’s called SLA for short and they are responsible for the great condition of this lake!   Help make a difference in our community.  We here at Kenyon’s truly appreciate all of their continued efforts to make our area all it can be!  

For more information:  Sage Lake Association - Community Website

Sage Lake Chef, is Just Across the Lake… How about a cooking class with the Sage Lake Chef?  Learn to cook with our lakes very own Chef.  She does classes right here on the lake in her home!  Amaze your friends with your new skills... She teaches all age groups and the food is delicious….  

Check out this link for more information:   www.sagechef.com

Savins Lake Services, Summers best friend, Tired of dealing with your Docks? Savins makes  my docking issues stress free!  They have knowledgable staff that show up on time and get the job done right! What more could you ask for?  Thanks Savins, your the best!   VIP:   Try Ann’s Restaurant in Long Lake, The food is great and they also offer delivery services to Sage Lake!

Check out this link for more information:   http://lakeandpond.com/

Tree Service…  Just a phone call away!  When you need professional tree service, here's the crew to call!  Thanks to Rossi and his team of tree service professionals they saved Kenyon's from wearing that big 100 year old pine tree that used to stand next to Kenyon's in the front yard!  I'm proud to say, they removed it very skillfully and the cleanup was excellent too.  I knew it needed to come down quickly to prevent any more of it from falling on the roof.  One phone call later, there was Rossi out evaluating the situation…  They worked me into their already busy schedule, due to upcoming stormy weather, they proceeded to undertake the job immediately and saved us from some serious roof damage. Thank you Rossi, Job well done!  For more info call: 989-701-0436

Victorian Millworks...  Only 15 minutes away…  They have supplied Kenyon’s with all our beautiful Hand crafted Wood tables and chairs in the SpeakEasy Lounge?  Roman himself, has personally delivered them and assembled them.  We’ve had many compliments regarding the style look and comfort of the furniture.  Stop in and see what they have to offer!  They have a shop in downtown West Branch. 

Located at: 3249 W. M-55, Phone: 989-345-2540   http://www.langfurniture.net/

Viking Marina,  Known as Our Dock Master...  Did you know that Kenyon’s Beautiful 115 ft dock is just one of the many things available from Viking Marina!  Thanks John, Great Job! also...We appreciate all the effort you put in to making it possible for us to have such a wonderful dock!  Many Thanks to everyone for all the compliments on the Dock…  Viking Marine sell new and used Motor Crafts, They offer Certified Parts & Service, Ebbtide, Volvo Penta Service & Repair, Volvo Penta, Mirrocraft, Lund, Mercruiser, 2 Certified Master Mechanics, Shoremaster Docks & Hoists, Over 33 years of Quality Service!  Pick up & delivery. 4968 N Hubbard Lake Rd.  Spruce, MI 48762  989-727-2797                                                      

Check it out, viking marine…   john@vikingmarina.biz    http://www.vikingmarine-hubbardlake.com

Recommendations in progress of a write up:

Carrie's Pet Grooming…  (989) 305-0320

JeanAnn's Crafts… (989) 473-2442

Korody Roofing & Classy Rags… (989) 473-2271

Kisser Painting & Drywall… (989) 473-2468

Lawn Ranger Mowing and Plowing…  (989) 473-4052

Little Willy's Septic Cleaning… (989) 345-1763

M-33 Access Internet Services…  (989) 685-3027

Metro Fabrications…  (989) 667-8100  www.metrofab.com

Parkveiw Acres…   (989) 473-3555

Sunrise Cafe…  (989) 473-3268

Thompson Builders… (989) 345-6725

Webbs Well Drilling…  (989) 728-4011

West Branch Equine Center… (989) 343-9300

Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries… (989) 685-3525

Zettle Drywall…  (989) 

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